There are a number of ways to improve the diversity of bird species visiting your garden. Increase the number of bird feeders with a variety of seeds and nuts. Keep topped up and clean regularly to stop diseases spreading.


British Birds

If you want a better look at the birds, install a bird feeder with a roof. This will help them feel safe from predators like sparrowhawks and they’ll spend longer on the feeder, providing great photo opportunities.

Niger seeds will attract Goldfinches, Siskins and Redpolls. Sunflower seeds are a favourite of tits and Greenfinches while mixed seed will attract species like buntings and finches which feed on split grain when fields are left fallow. 

A fresh coconut half is great for Long-tailed tits and Starlings. Try leaving seed heads on a few flowers and herbs in the Autumn. Add bird baths or water features, even a pond with a shallow area, so your visitors have somewhere to bathe and drink.

Remember to change water and clean bird baths regularly. Include some spiny and berry producing trees like Hawthorn, Blackthorn, or Pyracanthus as a stand- alone tree or part of a border or hedge. Mixed native hedges are a wonderful addition for food sources and safe places to nest.


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