We are often asked how to increase the numbers and variety of wildlife in gardens big and small. Insects are the foundations upon which all wildlife relies on to survive.


British Insects

Increase the insects and the rest won’t be far behind.

So how to go about attracting insects to your garden.

There are several easy ways to achieve this. Leaving dead wood for beetles, building insect hotels, creating a pond or growing a wildflower meadow. Establishing insect biodiversity in your garden is easy.

Leaving dead and decaying wood in shaded and undisturbed areas creates vital habitat for endangered stag beetles. These magnificent creatures are a joy to watch and a guaranteed way to get kids excited about native wildlife.

Since WWII 97% of our traditional meadows and grasslands have disappeared. This has made life particularly difficult for our native bees, hoverflies and butterflies who rely on the variety of food that wildflowers offer them.

It is absolutely essential to have insects in our garden to help pollinate and form part of the natural food cycle.

Wildflower is versatile and works well alongside a mown lawn or as a green roofing material on the countless sheds and structures in our gardens. They are low maintenance requiring only 2 or 3 cuts a year saving you time and money.

Regardless of size, a patch of wildflower will make a massive impact to our insects as well as a beautiful feature in your garden.


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