Fruit & Veg

BLOG FRUIT & VEG Nurturing plants to produce food for you to eat is a uniquely rewarding experience. Growing food for yourself is one of the most environmentally friendly measures you can take to reduce your impact on the planet. blog Grow your own It is also a fantastic way to learn about plants and […]

Bee’s & Beneficial Insects

WILDLIFE TIPS BEE’S & BENEFICIAL INSECTS Insects may be some of the smallest visitors to your garden, but they are also the most important. Increase their numbers and other species will follow. Bee numbers are declining in the UK and we need to do whatever we can to protect these vital pollinators. blog Bee’s & […]

Attracting Insects

blog ATTRACTING INSECTS We are often asked how to increase the numbers and variety of wildlife in gardens big and small. Insects are the foundations upon which all wildlife relies on to survive. blog British Insects Increase the insects and the rest won’t be far behind. There are several easy ways to achieve this. Leaving […]

Attracting Birds

WILDLIFE TIPS ATTRACTING BIRDS There are a number of ways to improve the diversity of bird species visiting your garden. Increase the number of bird feeders with a variety of seeds and nuts. Keep topped up and clean regularly to stop diseases spreading. blog British Birds If you want a better look at the birds, […]

Attracting Reptiles

WILDLIFE TIPS ATTRACTING REPTILES Often associated with warmer and more exotic climates, reptiles are important members of our ecosystem. Britain is home to four snakes: Adder, Grass Snake, Barred Grass Snake and the endangered Smooth Snake. blog British Reptiles Our island is also home to three lizards: Common lizard, Sand lizard and a legless lizard […]

Make Do & Mend

BLOG MAKE DO & MEND During these tough times we are all going to be doing our bit by staying home and spending more time in our gardens and hopefully enjoying the wildlife that we share it with. blog Make do & mend At Wild by Design we are embracing the ‘make do and mend’ […]

Wildlife Ponds


WILDLIFE TIPS WILDLIFE PONDS Ponds big or small are a hub for the wildlife in your garden. They supply drinking water, a place to bathe, a mating ground and a home for a variety of species to visit your garden. WILDLIFE PONDS What we can do The addition of a pond to your garden will […]

Attracting Hedgehogs

Autumn hedgehog

WILDLIFE TIPS ATTRACTING HEDGEHOGS Hedgehog numbers in Britain have been declining for many years. This is predominantly due to loss of habitat, crucially woodlands and hedgerows. ATTRACTING HEDGEHOGS What we can do This has meant that gardens are becoming increasingly important for the species survival. Here are some ways in which you can help do […]

Trees in the Garden

tree 1080x1080

blog TREES Whilst trees provide fantastic structure and interest to fulfil the designed element of a garden, they are also a vital resource for a massive range of garden wildlife. Every garden should utilise these calming and beautiful features. TREES What you can do From Bonsai to Behemoth, regardless of your garden size there is […]