The Green Thumb Advantage

The Green Thumb Advantage. View of well manicured garden area next to patio (with tables and chairs) with upright sleepers and selection of plants and flowers.

BLOG The Green Thumb Advantage: Why Hiring Horticulturally minded Landscapers really matters. When it comes to creating your dream outdoor space, the expertise of a knowledgeable landscaper can make all the difference. While many individuals and professionals might assume that landscaping is solely about building fences, laying patios, pouring concrete, or installing irrigation systems, the […]

Creating Low Maintenance and Sustainable Gardens in the UK

Kingfisher perching on a bare branch over a small pond amongst wild flowers.

BLOG Creating Low Maintenance and Sustainable Gardens in the UK Designing a garden that requires minimal upkeep while being environmentally friendly is a growing trend in the UK. With busy lives and a focus on sustainability, creating a low maintenance garden that flourishes within the local ecosystem is a goal that many garden enthusiasts are […]

The Power of a Well-Maintained Garden

A well maintained garden - Birds eye "after" view of a front garden with well tended grass edging and brick paths.

BLOG The Power of a Well-Maintained Garden In the current challenging world of the UK property market, a well-maintained garden isn’t just a charming addition to your home; it’s a strategic investment that can significantly elevate its value. Beyond its visual appeal, a meticulously designed and maintained garden carries various benefits that attract potential buyers […]

Enhance Your Outdoor Space

birds eye view of wild garden with patio area, conservatory and planting.

BLOG EXPERT GARDERN DESIGNERS Transforming your outdoor space into a lush, inviting haven is a dream shared by many homeowners. But realising this vision requires the expertise of skilled garden designers. If you’re searching for “garden designers near me,” you’re on the right track to achieving the garden of your dreams without the hassle of […]

How to Create a Wildlife-Friendly Garden in the UK

View of wildlife garden including pond - How to Create a Wildlife-Friendly Garden in the UK.

BLOG WILDLIFE-FRIENDLY GARDEN How to Create a Wildlife-Friendly Garden in the UK The importance of creating wildlife-friendly spaces has gained significant attention in recent years, as people recognise the vital role that biodiversity plays in maintaining a healthy and balanced ecosystem. Gardens can serve as crucial habitats for a variety of wildlife species, providing food, […]

Fruit and Veg

BLOG FRUIT & VEG Nurturing plants to produce food for you to eat is a uniquely rewarding experience. Growing food for yourself is one of the most environmentally friendly measures you can take to reduce your impact on the planet. blog Grow your own It is also a fantastic way to learn about plants and […]

Bee’s & Beneficial Insects

WILDLIFE TIPS BEE’S & BENEFICIAL INSECTS Insects may be some of the smallest visitors to your garden, but they are also the most important. Increase their numbers and other species will follow. Bee numbers are declining in the UK and we need to do whatever we can to protect these vital pollinators. blog Bee’s & […]

Attracting Insects

BLOG ATTRACTING INSECTS We are often asked how to increase the numbers and variety of wildlife in gardens big and small. Insects are the foundations upon which all wildlife relies on to survive. blog British Insects Increase the insects and the rest won’t be far behind. So how to go about attracting insects to your […]

Attracting Birds

WILDLIFE TIPS ATTRACTING INSECTS There are a number of ways to improve the diversity of bird species visiting your garden. Increase the number of bird feeders with a variety of seeds and nuts. Keep topped up and clean regularly to stop diseases spreading. blog British Birds Attracting birds to your garden. If you want a […]