Behind the Name


At Wild by Design we believe a garden should be a multifaceted space. For you to live, dine and relax but also for kids big and small to explore, learn and play. Fitting these criteria into one garden is difficult. However, with the right approach, your garden can be transformed into a dream space that delivers on all levels.

Our process

Creating a harmonious relationship between your house and garden is an essential detail in achieving and maximising your home’s potential. No two gardens or clients are the same.  Designers Max and Tarun understand the importance in tailoring each design process to the specific client and site.

Our gardens are wild by design. Reconnecting people with nature is at the forefront of our approach and is coupled with our desire to create you a unique and stylish outdoor space.

1. Initial Visit

Our first meeting is about getting to know you and the space you live in. Max and Tarun will discuss your exact requirements and start to build a tailored brief that is specific to your needs. We’ll also discuss your tastes and passions so that we can begin to piece together a picture of what your perfect garden might look, feel, and even smell like.

2. Site Survey

Before design work can be done our team will conduct an accurate survey of the site. This will include aerial photographs using our drone taking pictures and videos to help you visualise the designs. The survey will record dimensions of boundaries, existing vegetation, features and levels all relative to the house. Designers Max and Tarun carry out the site surveys themselves to better understand the contextual surroundings of the site and stay in tune with the client’s sensitivities.

3. Initial Designs

A range of hand drawn, coloured and scaled design plans exploring different ideas are presented and
discussed with you in person. Varied ideas help test the waters and enable us to progress efficiently through to the development stage.

4. Final Design

After discussing the initial plans amendments and developments will be made to your specification.
At this stage we will begin drawing up a finalised masterplan. This will combine your favourite elements from the initial designs, or possibly the whole concept from a design that ticks all the boxes.
At this point 3D perspective views can be drawn up to help you further visualise views within the garden or the garden as a whole.

5. Planting Plan

Plants are central to our design process. Without plants a garden can feel lifeless, underwhelming and cold. Plants can completely change the atmosphere of a space, providing unity, organic structure and developmental interest. Max and Tarun carefully detail the positioning and species of plants within your design, considering colour, form, size and texture. When it comes to bang for your buck, nothing comes close to the effective use of beautiful plants.


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