Behind the Name


At Wild by Design we believe a garden should be a multifaceted space. For you to live, dine and relax but also for kids big and small to explore, learn and play. Fitting these criteria into one garden is difficult. However, with the right approach, your garden can be transformed into a dream space that delivers on all levels.

Our process

Creating a harmonious relationship between your house and garden is an essential detail in achieving and maximising your home’s potential. No two gardens or clients are the same.  Designers Max and Tarun understand the importance in tailoring each design process to the specific client and site.

Our gardens are wild by design. Reconnecting people with nature is at the forefront of our approach and is coupled with our desire to create you a unique and stylish outdoor space.

1. Site Survey

For some gardens, a drone survey carried out by our own team members is sufficient. For more extensive cases we will arrange for a surveyor to complete a topographical survey of your property.

2. Design Brief

A meeting to discuss your initial thoughts and requirements in detail and build a comprehensive brief for your garden.

garden design plan

3. Initial Designs

We will produce one or multiple designs depending on the nature of the brief. These initial concepts will be presented in the form of a plan view layout and provide planting and material suggestions.

garden design plan

4. Review & Development

We will meet to discuss your thoughts about the initial designs. We like to involve you in the design process as much as possible, so adjustments to the initial concepts can be made together during the

garden design plan

5. Master

Following our development meeting we can finalise the plan into a technical plan drawing. Perspective views can be produced to help visualise the space if required.

After Design

Wild By Design Ltd can design and build your garden transformation. After the master plan has been created, we will
provide you with a quote to install the garden as specified in the drawing.

If you decide to use an another landscaping company to build the garden, additional design and consulatancy fees are
likely to apply. This is due largely due to outside contractors requiring more detailed construction and planting plans for them to install as intended.

If you would like to put the installation work out to tender, we can offer a tender supervision service to aquire quotes from
subcontractors and handle all correspondence with them. The price for this will vary from project to project, so a quote
would be provided to carry out the service.

Upon a landscaper being contracted, we can offer our project management services to oversee the installation and
ensure that your construction team is fulfilling the design we put together. This service includes bi-weekly visits to site as
well as visits at crucial moments such as setting out the garden and positioning planting. Our charge for this is worked out
as a percentage of the installation cost given by the contractor. This rate can range from 5-10% depeding on the scope of
the project.

Planning Permission

Some gardens or garden features will require planning permission before construction is able to take place. We can coor-
dinate this aspect of the work for you: liaising with the planning office and ensuring that our combined vision is realised.

Generally, our fee for managing planning applications and producing additional drawings will costs between £350 and
£800 (+ VAT).

garden design plan
garden design plan


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