Nurturing plants to produce food for you to eat is a uniquely rewarding experience. Growing food for yourself is one of the most environmentally friendly measures you can take to reduce your impact on the planet.


Grow your own

It is also a fantastic way to learn about plants and teach your kids about food production. Producing your own food is also a fantastic way to keep fit and get outdoors. Regardless of space available to you, there are many easy ways to grow yourself some delicious produce.

growing fruit and veg on an allotment.

We took control of this plot in August of 2019. Watch us develop it and produce lots of food to enjoy throughout the year and lots of ideas to growing fruit and veg regardless of space!

We grow completely herbicide and pesticide free, using companion planting and netting to protect our crops from pests. We like our allotment to look as good as it tastes whilst still being practical. This can be achieved with beneficial flowers like calendula, echinacea and nasturtium. We also use wildflowers in our plot to attract a range of pollinating insects to maximise our soft fruit and fruit tree production. Creating a thriving, productive ecosystem is the goal. This will benefit us as growers and all the wildlife around us.


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