Garden Design Bookham

- Case Study

This garden was created designed and built by Wild by Design in the Winter/Spring of 2018.

Our clients wanted to create a sectioned garden with multiple rooms and spaces for them to entertain and enjoy. Planting was designed to offer year-round interest and to bring the point of focus for the viewer into the space. The house is a new-build and as with many new-build homes the gardens are square and compact.

Blurring the boundaries and making use of the wider landscape we managed to extend the view of the garden beyond the garden itself. In tight spaces, changing up the levels is a fantastic way to alter you views and perspective. In this instance, we used a sunken seating area to offer some privacy in an otherwise perpetually overlooked space.

We used a range of trees in different forms to bring the perspective in. Pleached trees also made big impact in this garden.
What has been achieved is a private, relaxing space. New builds are often difficult to change from the flat, 2 dimensional spaces. What we have managed to achieve here is a testament to what can be done in a new build garden.

Steps with shingle in between leading down to sunken seating area with wooden bench seating around a red table.

‘They designed, built and planted a brand new garden for us. From the initial stage of discussing
likes and dislikes to the final stage of planting they were professional, knowledgeable and a
delight to work with. We have a garden that is truly beautiful and everything we wanted.’


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