tennis court to wildlife haven

This project has transformed a crumbling, disused tennis court into a wildlife haven. Situated next to a natural brook, the unique site gave us an opportunity to create a wildlife pond with a kingfisher nesting bank.

Build Time

2 hours from our base in Surrey

This project was a challenge across many levels. The site has poor access both into the property and down the steep garden hill to the pond location. A desire to reduce environmental impact and the practicality of large-scale material moving, necessitated the design utilise the materials onsite. We managed to retain all the excavations and all the stone used was also found onsite.

Ground conditions made wildflower an easy design decision and predominantly native trees blend the boundary between the meadow and the existing woods. On the new bank a long contemporary cottage walk takes you to a repurposed bench to view the pond. Meandering paths and different routes around the garden link the new space with the other sections of the garden.

This project epitomises what we as a business are passionate about: Creating beautiful spaces that are loved by our clients and our native wildlife.

Our client had kingfishers visiting just 3 months after completion!


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