This was a very straightforward hedging installation for a client wanting to create a consistent and evergreen natural boundary. Portuguese laurel was sourced and installed in a day using boards to protect the ground from the machinery. Hedging is best done in the winter to allow some establishment before the challenging summer months and to reduce the need to water by hand.

Build Time


As with many of our clients, their garden had served its purpose as an enjoyable family space. With kids growing up and moving on it was time for the space to develop with them.

A contemporary sleeper wall was used to create some unobtrusive structure in the garden whilst a large Corten Steel table Rill was used to act as a focal point on the patio. A Corten garden arch carries the contemporary feel and this colour pallet is picked up in the vibrant Geums and Heleniums throughout the planting. Repeating contemporary planting was set out though the meandering beds, drawing you down towards a bench set into the new planting. The traditional purples, pinks and whites of the cottage style are set off against the vibrant and industrial oranges.


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