The client asked us to create a circular themed garden with borders designed to bring in insects and wildlife whilst still being stylish and aesthetic. We designed and built this circular turfed garden with a hidden seat to enjoy the garden from a different angle.

Build Time


The planting used was designed to attract bees and other pollinating insects. To add structure to the garden we used lollipop trees and a range of different sized yew balls to reinforce the circular theme in the garden.

As we started construction we realised that there were very few worms in the garden and the quality of the soil was quite poor. We introduced worms into the ground and dug in compost and organic matter to help to help the plants establish. A small section of wildflower turf was added to entice even more wildlife into the garden. After work on the garden was done we also re-pointed the patio for the client to give it a new lease of life.


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