Our client came to us wanting to add some serious interest into a very boxy and uninspiring garden. They wanted to marry a Mediterranean and exotic foliage theme with a variety of hard standings.

Build Time


They also wanted to include a water feature and two distinct outdoor rooms for dining and seating. We designed and built this fusion garden with a central water feature junction acting as a harmoniser between a Mediterranean side and Jungle Foliage side.

We also discovered an existing brick wall which we uncovered and strengthen to help separate the two areas and give a break to the endless fencing. Irrigation was installed in the foliage section and a comprehensive network of lighting and power points was installed to give options for our client to light the garden.

Beds with interplanted with suitable fruit and veg along with extensive herb uses in the BBQ/dining area. Pathways meander throughout the garden whilst uniform arches were used across the space to create height and space but also give continuity.


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