Trees in the Garden

Whilst trees provide fantastic structure and interest to fulfil the designed element of a garden, they are also a vital resource for a massive range of garden wildlife. Every garden should utilise these calming and beautiful features.


What you can do

From Bonsai to Behemoth, regardless of your garden size there is always a suitable tree. It is often mistaken that trees are only suitable for large gardens. In fact planting trees in large gardens is often a costly and long-term process and tree planting in a smaller situation provides just as fulfilling results on a far more competitive timescale.

There are a massive range of suitable trees for smaller outdoor spaces. We use a mixture of blossoming and fruiting trees, these often include: Amelanchier, Euonymus europaeus and Crab apples. These fairly small and beautiful trees provide fantastic interest throughout the year and provide food and shelter for a range of creatures. Coppicing, pollarding or pleaching trees is a fantastic way to keep them in check and suitable for a smaller garden application.

There is something uniquely rewarding in planting a large tree, safe in the knowledge it will be around for hundreds of years after you have gone. These stunning leviathans can provide food and shelter for thousands, if not millions of creatures large and small throughout their lifetimes. If your space allows, planting an Oak, Hazel or Birch tree will provide you with beautiful interest and long lasting impact.

We love to use fruiting trees. Standard and half standard forms as well as espaliers that can maximise fruit production in a tight space. Fruiting trees are far more flexible than purely ornamental trees, the fact that they are grafted onto rootstocks makes them infinitely selectable for a huge range of situational applications. Providing interest right from early spring and producing delicious fruit for you to enjoy in the most environmentally friendly way possible!

In gardens of all sizes, trees offer a fantastic solution to screening. Natural, unobtrusive and often more cost effective than tall sections of trellising or fencing. Blocking neighbouring windows or unsightly views with trees creates an organic and varied solution to screening. No matter your space or application there is a tree to suit. With a bit of imagination from our team on what and where to plant we can solve your tree troubles and tribulations with ease!


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